becoming self suffifient

I decided to go out on a mini reccy to find locations to take my fashion blog photos. I know, for sure, that if I just TOOK PHOTOS more often when I'm wearing a cool outfit, I would have *so* much more content. And therein lies the problem. I just don't take enough photos. Sometimes it's because I'm to embarrassed to ask the person I'm with, or worried about what onlookers in the street will think.

But we live in a social media vlogger era and you see people are walking around talking to their cameras that it shouldn't really be that strange to see now.

So taking this trip - just me, my camera and my tripod, I tested myself to find a (quiet) spot and take some photos. To start with, I was actually soo apprehensive and I did have a man in the flats overlooking give some enthusiastic commentary, and other people double taking as they walked or cycled past. But what I did learn is that yu've just got to roll with it. Act like you're *meant* to be there. You're doing a job fo a client or something. People will look, and you can;t stop them, but are they really going to go home and talk about you to their friends or colleagues...I highly doubt it! So this could mark the start or my content this site!

90s vibes... obviously

As it was my first solo shoot, I decided to go super casual, so I'd feel comfortable walking around looking for a location, but still look good and put together.

I'm wearing my trusty (and favourite) RAIL jeans from WEEKDAY - they're a mid rise with a baggy straight leg - NO FLARES HERE - so they're super flattering and really comfy.

I paired the jeans with a super 90s inspired lime green crop top with black hemming and logo detail on the front. I have no idea what 'Kissgod' means but it looks cool.

Finished off the fit with an oversized workwear style jacket with 3M reflective strips, and a Carhartt camo tote bag and adidas Yung-96 trainers. Oh yeah, and my new micro fringe and long locks are über 90s, I can't believe I didn't try it sooner!

I really like this outfit because it's relaxed and baggy, yet still fitted and you can see your shape. The t-shirt is cropped and tight fitting, while the jeans are super comfortable and on trend. In a mid/true blue wash, you can't get any more 90s than that. And then the chunky sole trainers are just a dream to walk in, with more 3M reflective detailing to tie in with the jacket....which was obviously intentional.

These last couple of photos were very impromptu. I love an 'infront-of-a-shutter' shot and I also love a sitting shot. But I also find sitting shots really hard to get right. As a petite gal, it's too easy for me to end up looking about 2ft tall, so it's all about angles. Also there were some oranges randomly scattered all over the floor and thought it'd be fun and would tie into the orange on the trainers.

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