double denim daze

Step off the overground at Peckham Rye Station, take a left and you'll be sure to find Khan's warehouse. From screwdrivers to shampoo, it's a shop that has everything... and really good lighting. You might actually recognise the hallowed aisles from a previous post of mine. When we were walking along Rye Lane looking for places to shoot, O suggested this one because the lighting is so bright and fluorescent, it's almost like you're in a studio with endless props.

NGL this look was pretty impromptu. And I'm actually wearing the same cut of jeans I was wearing in the other post, just in a different colour. The Weekday 'Rail' jeans are just life - and short girl friendly. They're baggy, but not wide, high waist, but not Simon Cowell, and light wash, so great for spring.

I went full 'Canadian Tuxedo' by doing double denim. I paired the baggy skater sty jeans with a boxy, oversized denim jacket in a slightly darker wash. I find when I do double denim, that the best way to do it is to make sure the shades of denim are *slightly* different. So if you're going light wash on top, go for a mid wash on the bottom. I don't think I would ever do dark/indigo wash with light wash though because they're just so contrasting and the aesthetics just don't go

Fit details - I recently just remembered how much I love Doja Cat after watching her Colors session on YouTube and was inspired to get this cow-print zip front crop top. Got that "gold" 1992 necklace in that got this 'edgy' type and some black/red super skinny sunglasses that really don't keep the sun out of my eyes, but make me feel hella cool!

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